The Heritage Story

We’ve been making homes beautiful since 1931. Heritage consists of 112 luxurious shades which combine contemporary trends with traditional craftsmanship making every space feel extraordinary.

A colourful tale, a legacy of luxury

Luxury has always been at the heart of Dulux. In fact, back in 1931, the Naylors, varnish makers by trade, launched their first durable alkyd-based paint, with the help of talented chemist H.H. Morgan. Based on the DuPont formulations, their product came to fruition under the name ‘DuLux’ – a blend of ‘DuPont’ and ‘Luxury’.

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The perfect paint for poignant moments

It was in the 1940s that people noticed that buildings decorated with Dulux before the war looked 10 times better than those painted with any other product. Dulux paint brought colour back to a dark time in history. And within four years, it became the country’s leading paint brand. Then in the 1950s, keen to put years of austerity behind them, people started doing their own decorating, and women – who’d worked in traditional male industries during the war – used their new-found skills to do the painting themselves. To meet this rise in DIY, Dulux launched its first range for consumers. Tastes in the 70s turned to tonal room schemes, with popular colours including vivid shades like Poppy, Sultan, Lime Juice and Sunshine. The 80s saw a move towards a more sophisticated palette of calming creams and whites, while the 90s brought a wave of interest in paint effects and themed rooms. Throughout it all, Dulux was here to help people express themselves through colour.

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The History of Dulux Heritage

In 1990, Dulux curated their most luxurious and rich colours yet, naming it the Heritage Collection. Developed in consultation with world-renowned colour Historian and paint analyst, Patrick Baty, the collection was underpinned by scientific analysis of historical colours, and inspired by periods of historical significance between 1714-1939, ensuring every shade felt truly timeless. Dulux Heritage became a product in its own right, in 2021. It still remains the perfect balance of colours sympathetic to the past from the original Heritage collection, combined with the most popular, contemporary shades that make beautiful interiors accessible to everyone.

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