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Colour Confidential: The rules for using neutral colours for bedroom walls

The rules for using neutral colours for bedroom walls

We’ve always loved neutral colours for bedrooms. And who wouldn’t? From golden sands and soft greys to warm taupes and earthy browns, there are endless ways to drape your bedroom walls in these familiar hues. Read on to discover neutral bedroom colours and how to use them on your bedroom walls.

Why do neutral bedroom colours work?

First of all, neutral bedroom colours are incredibly versatile. You can achieve almost any mood with these flexible shades on your walls – calm and relaxing, cosy and warm, light and airy, they can do it all.

Yet, they’re probably most well-known for providing a serene backdrop. And there’s no room more in need of that than the place you rest your head at night. Neutral bedroom colours are timeless, too. There’s an elegance about them that won’t ever fade and nor would we want it to.

Dulux Heritage Raw Cashmere

Image: Dulux Heritage Raw Cashmere

How to use neutral colours for bedroom walls

If you’re new to this timeless trend, Dulux Creative Director, Marianne Shillingford, has a few words of wisdom to help you get the best out of neutral tones for bedrooms. Here are some of the rules that Marianne recommends you follow – and what she thinks are the best neutral colours for bedrooms.

The first thing to understand when choosing the right shade for a relaxing bedroom says Marianne, is that “it helps to think about how the colour might feel if it were a texture. Bedrooms need soft, tactile, comfortable furnishings and it’s the same with colours”.

She recommends using “a colour with visual softness like Dulux Heritage Turtledove Grey or Raw Cashmere, and if you have a cool north-facing room, try warmer hues such as Dulux Heritage Buff, Powder Colour or Potters Pink for a cosy atmosphere”.

What’s more, “combining lighter and darker tones of the same colour is a stylish and simple way to transform an interior”, Marianne declares. “A great way to start is by using colours from one column in the Dulux Heritage colour guide”. For example, you could “try a combination of Dulux Heritage Romney Wool, Quartz Grey, Pebble Grey on your bedroom walls, woodwork and painted furniture for a contemporary a grown-up bedroom”.

Dulux Heritage Flax Seed And Rope Ladder

Image: Dulux Heritage Flax Seed, Dulux Heritage Rope Ladder

More neutral bedroom ideas to try

Add interest to your neutral colour scheme with a mix of textures. Layering materials will enhance the tones you’ve chosen but in a subtle, refined way. Linens, wood, and woven materials bring warmth to a space.

Whereas ceramics and glass can be used as stylish decorative pieces. And don’t forget, rugs and throws are easy ways to dial up the cosiness.

Another reason to choose neutral tones for bedrooms, is that they serve as a beautiful background for louder shades. Why not introduce your favourite colour to the room through cushions, lampshades, or a vibrant rug? For contrast, dark bed linens will look stunning against your light bedroom walls.

Discover all Dulux Heritage neutrals here and more inspiration on how to bring them to life in your home.

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