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Colour Confidential: Introducing True White

“What’s the purest white paint in the Dulux Heritage collection?” This is one of the most common questions our experts get asked about colour. So, after much deliberation, we decided it was time to launch Dulux Heritage True White.

Dulux Heritage True White is the newest addition to our collection and contains no hint of any other colour. Clean, luxurious, and versatile, it effortlessly complements any colour scheme and comes in Dulux Heritage’s velvety smooth matt and finest eggshell finish.

To help you get to know True White, we asked our Creative Director and colour expert, Marianne Shillingford, a few more key questions about choosing the right white paint and to share her thoughts on the best Dulux Heritage white.

Dulux Heritage True White Living Room

Why does white paint never go out of style?

There’s no denying it, white paint is timeless. But what makes it so? Marianne describes white paint as “the classic foundation colour for design and decorating”. She says, “it represents a fresh start”.

White paint has many benefits, as Marianne explains, the neutral shade is great at “reflecting maximum light and makes small spaces appear more spacious than they really are. It cools the heat of the sun, whilst reflecting the changing colours of the sky throughout the day. It’s also a blank canvas for creativity, which adapts to every style of decorating, making it the most versatile and popular colour in the spectrum.”

Why choose True White?

“Dulux Heritage True White is the perfect blank canvas for any project” says Marianne. While other whites have subtle nuances and undertones, True White contains no undertones therefore “it works effortlessly with all other colours in the range.”

“True White is so much more than just another pure brilliant white”, claims Marianne. Available in Dulux Heritage Velvet Matt, “it offers the added benefits of a luxury durable finish that feels great under the fingertips and can be wiped clean without fear of losing its velvety matt finish. It’s also a professional quality paint that decorators love to apply.”

Dulux Heritage True White Dining Room

Where does white paint work best?

White paint can make any room look beautiful. “Dulux Heritage True White works in all rooms and interior spaces” says Marianne. Its 100% purity means that it’s incredibly versatile, whether it’s used on all four walls as a clean, calm backdrop or just on the ceiling and trimmings alongside bold accent colours. “A white paint like True White works particularly well in rooms of all aspects, where light and space need to be emphasised to create the illusion of spaciousness,” Marianne adds.

What’s the best white paint for interior walls?

If you’re searching for the perfect white paint for walls, Marianne says “look no further than Dulux Heritage Velvet Matt in True White. It not only outperforms all other standard whites in its luxurious look and soft-to-touch finish, but it’s also beautiful to apply with a brush or roller and offers excellent coverage. Dulux Heritage Velvet Matt is quick drying too, so you can move onto your next project fast, plus the paint is water based, so has less impact on the environment”.

What’s the best white paint for wood and metal?

For those finishing touches around the home, “Dulux Heritage Eggshell in True White offers a stunningly smooth, low sheen pure white eggshell finish on interior woodwork and metal, helping to preserve its colour” Marianne says. “The visually soft nature of both velvet matt and eggshell finishes creates a seamless elegant look to a room and complements all colours mixed in the same Dulux Heritage paint finish”.

You can explore True White and all the whites in our collection today. Or for more inspiration, read about the four ways white can transform your home.

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