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Masterclass: Colour ideas for small kitchens

Cooking up colour ideas for small kitchens

When it comes to decorating a small kitchen, it’s time to shift your way of thinking. What your kitchen might lack in space, you can more than make up for in style. And that’s where our small kitchen colour ideas come in.

With the right paint colours and decorating nous, you can achieve big things in your small room. Depending on how you want the space to feel, there are shades that can make a space feel larger than it is or help you lean into its cosiness. Here, we’ve rounded up four small kitchen colour ideas to help you select the right style for you.

Neutral and white

It’s not just the timelessness of neutrals and whites that make them so appealing, it’s also their ability to effortlessly enlarge your space. Painting your kitchen walls in neutrals or whites will help to bounce light around the room, creating a feeling of openness that you might be missing. What’s more, choosing a more subtle, paired-back colour scheme will visually declutter the space, making it feel serene and more spacious.

Neutral colours for small kitchens: Dulux Heritage Indian White and Beachcomb Grey, Flax Seed, and Romney Wool.

Dulux Heritage Mallow White Masters Gold

Image: Dulux Heritage Mallow White, Dulux Heritage Masters Gold

Bright and warm
The colour yellow might seem like an adventurous choice for your kitchen, but it works. Whether you splash yellow across your walls or your kitchen cabinets, this cheerful hue adds instant sunshine to a small space. In the morning, watch how it plays with the sunlight streaming through, and at night, see how it sets your room aglow with the flicker of lights. Paired with a light, bright white, this colour combo promises to refresh and re-energise the heart of your home.

Bright colours for small kitchens: Dulux Heritage Buttercup and Alabaster White

Dark and deep

Small kitchens are the perfect excuse to immerse yourself in darker shades. Choosing an impactful shade like the luxurious blacks and sumptuous greens and blues in the Dulux Heritage range, can create a sleek look that feels clean and fuss-free.

Alternatively, they can accentuate the cosiness and snug feel of your kitchen. Rich colours can also create the illusion of a bigger space. They give a room depth and make the walls appear as if they’re melting away.

Dark colours for small kitchens: Dulux Heritage Raven’s Flight, Mallard Green, and Midnight Teal

Mix light with dark

And what about small kitchen cupboard colour ideas? Your cabinets take up a lot of room in your kitchen, both physically and visually, so to truly make the most of the space, you should consider how they look. A clever trick that our experts live by is to go for dark lower cabinets to create a grounding effect, then light top cabinets to help reflect sunlight around the room and open the space up. Try it for yourself!

Colours for small kitchens: Dulux Heritage Sage Green, Wishbone White, Mauve Mist and Romney Wool.

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