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Masterclass: Small living room paint ideas

Small living room paint ideas from Marrianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux

A small living room can be a decorating conundrum for homeowners. If the lack of space has left you pondering over paint colours, Dulux Creative Director, Marianne Shillingford, is here to save the day. Use her paint ideas for small living rooms to create the stylish and functional space that you’ve always wanted.

Before you settle on a shade, the first thing to establish is what you’re going to be using the space for. Will it be a calm, quiet hideaway? An intimate entertaining space? Or a comfy spot for the kids to play? The Dulux Heritage collection has 112 beautifully timeless colours that can transform any sized space. From luscious greens to relaxing blues to earthy reds, you’ll find an array of small living room colour ideas for creating the perfect mood and setting.

3 colour schemes for small living rooms

Light and airy

To make your small living room feel more spacious, paint your walls in colours that create the illusion that your walls appear further away than they seem. Marianne explains “it’s all to do with visual wavelengths. The shorter the wavelength a colour has, the further away it looks. Pale blues, greens and violets have the shortest wavelengths”. What’s more, these light and airy shades remind us of the great outdoors, which is good news for small living rooms. Marianne adds “colours of the sea, fields and sky are perfect for creating a sense of spaciousness”. Give your walls room to breathe by painting them in Dulux Heritage Country Sky, Light French Grey and Silver Fern.

Dark and dramatic

When searching for colour schemes for small living rooms don’t be afraid to make bold decisions. It’s a common misconception that darker colours shouldn’t be used in small spaces, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Deep, rich shades promise to dial up the drama in any space. If mood is most important thing to you, they’re the ideal choice. Marianne says, “dark colours are perfect for enhancing intimacy in a grown-up living room” and recommends trying Dulux Heritage DH Drab, Mallard Green, and DH Grass Green.

Dulux Heritage Dh Grass Green

Image: Dulux Heritage DH Grass Green

Warm and cosy

A small living room lends itself well to cosy moments. Its tight quarters leave you no excuse but to snuggle up and hunker down. Oranges and reds such as Dulux Heritage Red Sand and Inca Orange are great at adding warmth to a small living room. Other paint ideas for small living rooms include deeper, darker colours. They can feel as if you’re covering the room in a cosy blanket. You can’t go wrong with earthy Mud Lark or luxurious Dark Aubergine from the Dulux Heritage range.

Dulux Heritage Dusted Heather, Red Sand, Red Ochre

Image: Dulux Heritage Dusted Heather, Dulux Heritage Red Sand, Dulux Heritage Red Ochre

Did you find our ideas for painting small living rooms inspiring? If so, start your paint project by exploring the Dulux Heritage range.

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